Instructional Quality

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Independent Instructor

Received Graduate Teaching Award, Department of Economics, 2015-2016

EC 470: Monetary Policy (syllabus)
Spring 2017, Winter 2017, Summer 2018

EC 313: Intermediate Macro
Summer 2016, Summer 2015

EC 480: International Finance
Fall 2017, Spring 2018

EC 311: Intermediate Micro
Winter 2016, Fall 2015


Teaching Effectiveness

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Teaching Assistant

EC 607: Core Microeconomics
Spring 2015, Fall 2014

EC 607: Core Macroeconomics
Winter 2015

EC 201: Principles of Microeconomics
Spring 2014

EC 202: Principles of Macroeconomics
Winter 2014, Fall 2013

Student Comments

"Nigel McClung has an incredible thorough and engaging way of teaching. He is relaxed and relatable, but also intelligent and detail-oriented in his explanations. He brings economics to a very real-life basis, which takes a potentially very complex topic and breaks it down to be very comprehensible. I always enjoyed going to his course."--Winter 2017

"Nigel was very clear with us about what we are learning and the schedule and how we were going to approach each topic... Nigel is one of the best teachers I've had at Oregon."--Spring 2017

"This instructor was fantastic. He's a very approachable person and does a great job explaining concepts in a clear and effective way. He is very respectful toward students and is readily available outside of class. I found his office hours to be extremely helpful, and his lectures were always engaging. I am quite impressed!"--Winter 2017

"Really enjoyed this class, possibly my favorite one so far."--Winter 2017

"Great guy. Made himself very available with his office hours and extended study sessions. Genuinely cares about student success, 8 a.m. two hour lectures are rough but instructor McClung did an excellent job of bringing energy and a positive attitude to lecture; would take a course with him again."--Fall 2015